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How To Disable Start Up Programs in Windows 7 and Windows 10?

How To Disable Start Up Programs in Windows 7 and Windows 10?

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One of the primary reasons for the slowing down of your computer’s performance is the plenty of startup programs hiding in your computer.

In the post that is coming right up, you can understand the basic tactics with the help of which you can easily increase the speed of your PC by easily wiping off the useless startup programs.

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What are Startup Programs in Windows

One thing about the Startup program is that, you don’t have to start them. They start off as soon as your Windows starts. Whenever you start your Windows PC, these startup program start off as well.

Now that you have understood the slight concept of startup programs, disabling them is what comes next. Once you disable these programs, the speed as well as the performance of your PC goes straight up.

How to Disable Startup Programs

  1. Press and Hold down Window + R button and then type in msconfig straight in the box.

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  1. A dialog box is likely to appear in front of you which will hold the list of all the startup programs. Now, you are needed to deselect the previous programs that you are looking forward to disable. Or, you can also go ahead and click on the disable button available right there.

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Disable Windows 10 Startup Program

  • Like the screenshot coming right up, right click on the taskbar and go for task manager.
  • In the Task manager, go for the startup menu and sell all the startup programs available there.
  • Go for the "Select Programs" option and then hit the disabled button available there. That will disable the startup programs in the present windows.
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Disable Startup Programs in Windows 7, 8, and 10 from third party software – CCleaner

You can download the CCleaner application from its official website. Install the same on your system. CCleaner also makes sure to increase the performance of your system from the available tasks.

In the screenshot coming up, hit the Tools menu section and then go for Startup option. The satrtup window program will appear in front of you with all the details. Disable the other programs.

computer tricks

For going ahead and disabling the startup programs in your mobile phone, you can do the same by understanding the concept.

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