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5 Amazing Softwares For Customizing Windows 7, 8 and 10

5 Amazing Softwares For Customizing Windows 7, 8 and 10

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5 Amazing Software for Customizing Windows 7, 8, And 10

There are tons of different methods to customize your windows as per your requirements. Here are some of the best software with the help of which the feel of your windows will completely change. The software will help you in reaching higher levels of customization.

Customization never goes out of style. It never bores you out and the different looks of your PC never disappoints you. The software that are coming right up help you to customize your PC and give you an experience of a lifetime.

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Iron Man Rainmeter Skin


Rainmeter is considered as one of the best software that makes customization easy and is also one of the famous software to help in customizing. Rainmeter does the needful and displays the different kinds of skins, battery power, memory and weather forecasts as well. The software is free to download and can be downloaded from any source on the Internet.


  1. Dexpot

Dextop does the tremendous job of creating a virtual desktop right in your windows PC like that happens in Ubuntu Linux. This software provides the chance to open different desktops virtually on your computer. These desktops can be even used for multitasking. However, in windows 10, the same appears by default.

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  1. Object Dock

This software is considered as one of the famous dock software of all time. It allows you to access different programs, drives, and many more options. Also, the software lets you to save a lot of time and the PC looks amazing too with this software. After the mouse are over the app, the animation features appear. Download the software to experience it yourself.

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  1. Icon Packager

This software provides a collection of icons right on your desktop. You get all the privilege to change the look as well as the feel of your computer system. It is very classy and gives an amazing look to your computer.

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  1. Cursor Fx

The software allows you to customize the icons on your windows PC. It creates customized icons and completely change the look of your windows PC.

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That is all about the different software with the help of which you can easily customize your laptops and PC. The added benefit will include your PC and laptop to look beautiful and perfect. Also, it never gets out of style to have a permanent beautiful fix on your PC and laptop. Make sure to try all these software by downloading them from their official website and understanding how it works in real.

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