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With respect to class 3 MS-Paint, MS-Paint is a program used for drawing and painting.

  • It is mainly used to create simple or detailed drawings.
  • The best thing that makes MS-Paint interesting is that we can draw either in black and white or by using colours.

MS-Paint Window



With respect to class 3 computer lessons, how to start MS-Paint in your system

         To start the Paint program, follow the below steps on your computer.

  • Click on start
  • Then select All programs
  • Go to Accessories
  • Now choose Paint

Features of MS-Paint Window

      Menu Bar – 

  • You can find this tool on top of the window. 
  • This holds the list of the menu that is available under MS-Paint.




File menu – 

  • It helps in creating a new file, saving, printing, set as desktop background, etc.

Edit menu – 

  • Edit menu is used for actions like undoing, redoing, copying, pasting, etc.

View menu – 

  • This helps to customize the tools that are required.
  • It is used for displaying all the available tools.

Image – 

  • This helps in editing the image. 
  • This option is used for flipping, stretching, inverting colours among others.

Colours – 

  • We can choose the colours from the given palette. 
  • You can use this menu for editing colours.

Help menu – 

  • This provides comprehensive help about the paint program.
The Tool Box –

  • This option contains all the tools that we will use for drawing or painting.
  • They are as follows :



Free-form select and select tool –

  • This helps you to select a specific object and it can be copied and pasted in another location, or you can opt to delete that selection. 

Eraser/colour eraser

  • We can use this option to erase your drawing or the colour you have applied.

Pick colour –

  • With respect to class 3 computer lessons, this helps us to pick a specific colour that you want.
  • It will also make it as an active colour, which means it will be available in the colour palette for next time use.


  • This will help you withdrawing.


  • This is used to fill colours.
  • We can spray and fill your object with colour.

Line tool

  • Used for drawing a line.
  • In order to make your line straight, hold down the shift key and then drag your mouse holding the left button.
  • We can also select the thickness of the line from the toolbox.

Rectangle tool –

  • Used for making rectangles.
  • We can also draw a square by holding the shift key.


  • Used for drawing an ellipse.
  • We can also draw a perfect circle by holding the shift key before dragging the mouse.

Fill with colour

  • Used to fill an object with colour at once.


  • To zoom just a part of your drawing.


  • With respect to class 3 computer lessons, a brush is used for painting.
  • This tool is just like a paintbrush, with which one would paint their house.


  • Used to edit or enter text with.

Curve tool

  • Used for drawing a curve.

Polygon tool

  • Used for drawing a polygon.
  • We can also draw a lot of other objects.

Rounded rectangle

  • Used to draw a rectangle with rounded corners.

The Colour Box –



  • This option holds the colour palettes that are to be used for painting your drawings.

   With respect to class 3 computer lessons, steps to set your drawing as the desktop background

  • After finishing the drawing, make sure you save your work.
  • You can also set the completed drawing as your desktop background.
  • Click on the file set as desktop background.
  • We have two views, centred and tiled to fit the page.

With respect to class 3 MS-Paint, editing Photos Using Paint

  • Paint can also be used for editing pictures apart from creating new drawings.
  • It will be helpful for writers who wish to edit pictures to use for illustrating purposes in their articles.

With respect to class 3 computer lessons, uses of MS-Paint

  • The drawings which we make with help of MS- Paint can be printed, e-mailed to your friends, used as a desktop background, copied to another document, and a variety of other uses.


MS Paint

  • MS Paint is a program used for drawing and painting.

How to start MS Paint in your system

Features of MS Paint Window

  • Menu Bar
  • The Tool Box
  • The Colour Box

Setting Your Drawing as the Desktop Background

Editing Photos Using Paint



  • Open Paint in your system.
  • Draw a house and colour it with your favourite colour.
  • Hint – Use all the available shapes to make a house.


Quiz for MS-Paint


How many options are available under the 'Rotate' option?










The size of the any picture can be:

a) increased horizontally
b) decreased vertically
c) increased or decreased both horizontally and vertically
d) none of the above


The skew option helps us to edit the picture in terms of:

a) percentage
b) degrees
c) pixels
d) all of these


Upon selecting which option, does the text colour become the same as color1 box and the background colour will become the same as color2 box?


transparent option


invisible option


blend option


opaque option


To add Ruler to line up and measure the picture we can click on:

a) Ctrl+R
b) Ctrl+V
c) Ctrl+U
d) Ctrl+Y


Text tools tab appears with the option of changing the:

a) font face
b) font style
c) font size
d) all of these


Clicking on capital I option gives us a:

a) bold effect
b) underlined effect
c) italics effect
d) strikethrough effect


The colour for the text can be changed by:

a) color1 option
b) color2 option
c) Both a and b
d) none of the above


The zoom option is present in which tab?

a) edit tab
b) view tab
c) file tab
d) image tab


By clicking on what can we get the picture back to normal size?

a) zoom to 25%
b) zoom to 50%
c) zoom to 100%
d) zoom to 200%

Your Score: 0/10

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