With respect to class 3 MS-Paint, MS-Paint is a program used for drawing and painting.

  • It is mainly used to create simple or detailed drawings.
  • The best thing that makes MS-Paint interesting is that we can draw either in black and white or by using colours.

MS-Paint Window



With respect to class 3 computer lessons, how to start MS-Paint in your system

         To start the Paint program, follow the below steps on your computer.

  • Click on start
  • Then select All programs
  • Go to Accessories
  • Now choose Paint

Features of MS-Paint Window

      Menu Bar – 

  • You can find this tool on top of the window. 
  • This holds the list of the menu that is available under MS-Paint.




File menu – 

  • It helps in creating a new file, saving, printing, set as desktop background, etc.

Edit menu – 

  • Edit menu is used for actions like undoing, redoing, copying, pasting, etc.

View menu – 

  • This helps to customize the tools that are required.
  • It is used for displaying all the available tools.

Image – 

  • This helps in editing the image. 
  • This option is used for flipping, stretching, inverting colours among others.

Colours – 

  • We can choose the colours from the given palette. 
  • You can use this menu for editing colours.

Help menu – 

  • This provides comprehensive help about the paint program.
The Tool Box –

  • This option contains all the tools that we will use for drawing or painting.
  • They are as follows :



Free-form select and select tool –

  • This helps you to select a specific object and it can be copied and pasted in another location, or you can opt to delete that selection. 

Eraser/colour eraser

  • We can use this option to erase your drawing or the colour you have applied.

Pick colour –

  • With respect to class 3 computer lessons, this helps us to pick a specific colour that you want.
  • It will also make it as an active colour, which means it will be available in the colour palette for next time use.


  • This will help you withdrawing.


  • This is used to fill colours.
  • We can spray and fill your object with colour.

Line tool

  • Used for drawing a line.
  • In order to make your line straight, hold down the shift key and then drag your mouse holding the left button.
  • We can also select the thickness of the line from the toolbox.

Rectangle tool –

  • Used for making rectangles.
  • We can also draw a square by holding the shift key.


  • Used for drawing an ellipse.
  • We can also draw a perfect circle by holding the shift key before dragging the mouse.

Fill with colour

  • Used to fill an object with colour at once.


  • To zoom just a part of your drawing.


  • With respect to class 3 computer lessons, a brush is used for painting.
  • This tool is just like a paintbrush, with which one would paint their house.


  • Used to edit or enter text with.

Curve tool

  • Used for drawing a curve.

Polygon tool

  • Used for drawing a polygon.
  • We can also draw a lot of other objects.

Rounded rectangle

  • Used to draw a rectangle with rounded corners.

The Colour Box –



  • This option holds the colour palettes that are to be used for painting your drawings.

   With respect to class 3 computer lessons, steps to set your drawing as the desktop background

  • After finishing the drawing, make sure you save your work.
  • You can also set the completed drawing as your desktop background.
  • Click on the file set as desktop background.
  • We have two views, centred and tiled to fit the page.

With respect to class 3 MS-Paint, editing Photos Using Paint

  • Paint can also be used for editing pictures apart from creating new drawings.
  • It will be helpful for writers who wish to edit pictures to use for illustrating purposes in their articles.

With respect to class 3 computer lessons, uses of MS-Paint

  • The drawings which we make with help of MS- Paint can be printed, e-mailed to your friends, used as a desktop background, copied to another document, and a variety of other uses.


MS Paint

  • MS Paint is a program used for drawing and painting.

How to start MS Paint in your system

Features of MS Paint Window

  • Menu Bar
  • The Tool Box
  • The Colour Box

Setting Your Drawing as the Desktop Background

Editing Photos Using Paint



  • Open Paint in your system.
  • Draw a house and colour it with your favourite colour.
  • Hint – Use all the available shapes to make a house.