What is a computer?

  • A computer is an electronic device which makes our work easy by doing a certain kind of work.
  • We play games, watch movies, send and receive messages, draw pictures and solve problems with the help of this machine.


What does a computer do?

  • A computer works continuously.
  • A computer works fast and does large calculations in seconds.
  • A computer never makes mistake.
  • A computer can do many kinds of work at the same time.


Parts Of A Computer

The primary parts of a computer are Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, and Mouse. The secondary parts are Printer, Scanner, Speakers and Headphones.



  • It looks like a television screen. It is a screen which displays what the computer is doing.
  • The monitor is also known as Visual Display Unit (V.D.U.). It has a power button using which it can be turned on and off.



  • It stands for Central Processing Unit. It is present inside the CPU box.
  • It is the brain of the computer. It also controls the other parts of a computer.
  • Just as our brain, CPU stores a lot of information and thus is also known as "Store House" of the computer. 



  • A keyboard has many small buttons called keys. There are many types of keys.
  • By pressing the keys, you can type any letter or number. It helps you to give commands to the computer.




  • A mouse has two or three buttons. You can give commands using the mouse too.
  • If you click the mouse once, then it is called single click and if it is clicked twice, then it is known as a double-click.
  • You can create drawings using a mouse. You can also play games using a mouse.


It helps you to take your work on paper. It means the printer prints on the paper, the same work that is shown on the monitor.


It helps you to put your work and pictures into the computer. It scans the document and your work is entered into the computer.

Speakers and headphones

It is used to listen to recorded songs, voice and speech and sounds in a computer. 


  • A computer is an electronic machine which is used to do different kinds of work.
  • A computer is a fast, accurate and multitasking machine.
  • A monitor is a screen which displays what a computer is doing.
  • A CPU stands for Central Processing Unit which controls the other parts of a computer.
  • A Keyboard is used to type or write any letter and number in the computer.
  • A mouse is a device which helps in giving commands to the computer.
  • Some secondary parts of a computer are Printer, Scanner, Speaker and headphone.