All About F1 To F12 Shortcut Keys

All About F1 To F12 Shortcut Keys

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The feeling that you get when you buy a completely new laptop is out of the world, isn’t it so? You cannot resist yourself from feeling those keyboard buttons, can you? Well, with that, suddenly, your eyes get to the keyboard keys lying on the topmost shelf of the keyboard. Got questions? What are they? What is its use apart from just being on the display? Well, there you go with all the information and updates.

Those keys are called the Function Keys or F-Keys, starting from F1 and ending at F2. All of these have their own use and function. The combination of these keys with Alt and Ctrl buttons is just extraordinary.



Here are the keyboard function Keys and every little detail that you might want to know about it.


  • It is most of the times used as a companion and is called the "help key". All the programs open up their help properties when this button is pressed.
  • For opening the windows support and help centre, the Windows + F1 key needs to be pressed.
  • You can make a visit to the CMOS Setup too.
  • It supports in opening the task pane also.


  • This key is known for its renaming abilities and renames any icon or file that is highlighted in the different windows version.
  • If you use this key in MS Excel, it will edit the current cell you are located at.
  • Holding down Alt + Ctrl + F2 will open up a doc window in MS Word.
  • Ctrl + F2 will pop up the print preview window in MS Word.
  • Helps in entering the CMOS Setup.


  • This key hits off the start function in Windows Explorer.
  • Most of the times, for repeating the last command, F3 is commonly used in MS-DOS.
  • If you are working on MS Outlook, pressing Windows Key + F3 will open the advanced find window.
  • The combo Ctrl + F3 will make sure to lowercase any text that is highlighted in MS Word.
  • The keys Shift + F3 will change cases i.e. lower case to upper case in MS Word.
  • In any apple computer, it will open the Mission Control Window.


  • Responsible for opening Find window in different version of windows.
  • It opens the address bar in Internet Explorer as well as Windows Explorer.
  • Can also perform the last action.
  • The currently active window on MS Windows closes if Alt + F4 is pressed together.
  • The currently active tab on MS Windows closes if Ctrl + F4 is held down together.


  • This key is mostly known for refreshing or reloading a page or document in any window.
  • Starts a slideshow in MS PowerPoint.
  • In MS Word, it opens the Find, Replace, and Go To window.
  • Also, refreshed any list or items in a folder.
  • Using F5 with Ctrl refreshes the whole web page. Along with that, it also clears the cache.


  • On some of the laptops, it reduces the volume of the speaker.
  • Pressing Ctrl + Shift + F6 together opens another MS word document.
  • Takes the cursor to the address bar of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


  • In Mozilla Firefox, it switches on Caret browsing.
  • On some of the laptops, it increases the volume of the speaker.
  • For running a thesaurus check on a doc file, Shift + F7 is used most often.
  • Spelling Check and Grammar check in doc file in MS Word can be scrutinized with this key.


  • In MacOS, it displays a thumbnail image for the various workplaces.
  • This key is also used to recover the recovery system of windows.
  • To access the safe mode, F8 is generally used.


  • In MS Word, it refreshes any document.
  • In Quark 5.0, it opens the toolbar for measurements.
  • Used for sending as well as receiving emails in MS Outlook.
  • It is also used for reducing the brightness of laptops.
  • To open Mission Control on Apple computers, F9 keys is pressed along with Fn key.


  • It activates the menu bar of any opened app in MS Windows.
  • Increases the brightness of the laptop.
  • Used for entering into the CMOS Setup.
  • Shift + F10 can be used as a correspondence of any other highlighted icon or file.


  • It is basically used to enter or to exit the full-screen mode in the present-day Internet Browsers.
  • Given access to the hidden recovery files.


  • In MS Word, it is known for opening the Save as a window.
  • To open a document in word, Ctrl + F12 is used.
  • Print a document in MS Word using Ctrl + Shift + F12.
  • Shift + F12 really helps you out if you wish to save some file in MS Word.


That was all about the wonders of the function keys. Now that you know it all, these might look a little less alien to you!





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