Shortcut Keys For Google Chrome

Shortcut Keys For Google Chrome

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When it comes to choosing your favourite web browser, what is the best option that comes to your mind? Google Chrome is the answer for most of us. Well, with that being said, how about making things easier with Google Chrome? Using Google Chrome is different and using it with shortcuts is yet another convenient option.



Here are all the shortcuts that you can easily use while browsing on Google Chrome.



Alt + Home

Shows your homepage

Alt + Tab

Switch between different browsers

Alt + Left Arrow

Goes back a page

Alt + Right Arrow

Goes forward by a page


Displays the full screen mode of the present website


Stop from downloading a page

Ctrl + (- or +)

Zoom in or out of any webpage

Ctrl + 1-8

Use Ctrl along with any number to revolve around the tabs

Ctrl + 9

Takes you to the last tab

Ctrl + 0

Reset browser to default

Ctrl + Shift + Del

Shows the clear data window

Ctrl + Shift + B

Toggle around b/w hidden and shown bookmarks

Ctrl + A

Selects every piece of content on the page

Ctrl + D

Adds a bookmark in the present page

Ctrl + F

Displays the find box to search texts.

Ctrl + O

Opens a file

Ctrl + Shift + O

Takes you to the bookmark manager page


Ctrl + H

Opens the history of the browser

Ctrl + J

Shows the download window

Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E

Moves the cursor of the text

Ctrl + L

Takes the cursor to the address browser

Ctrl + N

Opens a new browser window

Ctrl + Shift + N

Opens window in private mode

Ctrl + P

Prints the present page

Ctrl + R or F5

Refreshes the page you are on currently

Ctrl + S

Saves the present page

Ctrl + T

Opens a brand-new tab

Ctrl + U

Opens the source code of the page

Ctrl + W

Exits the tab that you are on

Ctrl + Shift + W

Shuts down the window

Ctrl + Tab

Moves right in the tab pane through each tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Moves right to the tab page through each tab

Ctrl + Left-click

Opens a link in a new tab

Ctrl + Shift Left-click

Open a link in a new tab and switch to it

Ctrl + Page Down

Takes the browser tab to the right


Ctrl + Page Up

Takes the browser tab to the right


Takes you one down of the page at once

Shift + Spacebar

Takes you one up of the page


Extreme top of the page


Extreme end of the page





To wrap it all up, Google Chrome is one of the best browsers that is being used today. With all these shortcuts right at the place, it will become even more convenient and easy.


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